Cornexo partner companies

We work closely with our sister companies in Germany, placing us in an ideal position to supply a wide range of products from maize, wheat, rye, durum and spelt. We use raw materials refined by milling, malting, hydrothermal treatment and other processes, and we provide custom solutions to specification in addressing specialised requirements in food production alongside our standard services. Don't hesitate to contact us!

Saalemühle Alsleben GmbH + Dresdener Mühle

The Dresdener Mühle and the Saalemühle Alsleben GmbH, both located in the region of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia, share the same concept for raw materials and the same understanding of quality. They produce use-orientated flours and semolina, special flours, thermal and hydrothermal products from soft wheat, rye, durum wheat, spelt, and emmer wheat for the manufacturing of all types of bakery products, baby food, breading, biscuits and cookies, and carrier elements for special applications.

Cerealien Bischheim GmbH und Karl Bindewald Kupfermühle GmbH

A unique combination of mill and malthouse, Karl Bindewald Kupfermühle GmbH produces wheat, rye, and malt flour as well as brewer's barley and wheat malt for the food and beverages industry. The company was founded in the fertile Palatine-Rhine-Hessian cereal crop-growing region in 1871, and purchases most of the raw materials it uses from this region.


Rettenmeier Mühle GmbH

The Rettenmeier mill in Horb am Neckar processes regionally produced wheat, rye and spelt for the food industry and bakeries. The company produces flour and meal according to organic farming guidelines alongside conventional products.


Vogtland Biomühlen GmbH

Biomill brand products are the result of a clearly defined safety philosophy that involves a multi-stage monitoring system from the field to processing and shipping to ensure product quality from start to finish. Vogtland Biomühlen mills round off our organic range with organic flour and meal from wheat, rye, and spelt, and organic durum whole-wheat flour.



Hammermühle GmbH

Hammermühle provides an attractive full range of gluten-free, low-protein foods, baking more than three thousand gluten-free fresh bread rolls, durable bread loaves, and cakes a day at the Hammermühle bakery. Many of the company's products are sent straight to customers inside Germany and beyond – private customers as well as hospitals, nursing homes, caterers, wholesalers, health-food shops, chemists and food retail outlets.


The Plangemühle in Neuss was founded by Georg Plange I in 1775. Due to the passion for milling and new innovations, the water mill at that time has developed over the years into one of the most powerful mills for wheat and rye in Germany.



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