Our partners

Cornexo cooperates closely with sister companies and cooperation partners in Germany and is therefore able to offer a wide range of products made from maize, wheat, rye, durum and spelt. The raw materials are refined by milling, malting, hydrothermal treatment and other processes. In addition to our standard qualities, we also offer individual solutions for special requirements in food production. Please feel free to contact us!

Bavaria Mühle

Bavaria Mühle combines the strengths of the centuries-old miller’s craft with the challenges of a modern food industry focused on efficiency, safety and sustainability. Deeply rooted, down-to-earth and with a focus on sustainability, quality flours are produced in Aichach from soft wheat, spelt and rye for mature baking specialities. Rich harvest for the eternally young baking tradition in Bavaria.


In a unique combination of mill and malt house, Karl Bindewald GmbH produces wheat, rye and malt flours as well as barley and wheat brewing malt for the food and beverage industry. The company has existed since 1871 in the fertile Palatinate-Rheinhessen grain-growing region and sources the majority of the raw materials it processes from this region.


Plange GmbH in Neuss was founded by Georg Plange I in 1775. Through a passion for milling and constant innovations, the former water mill has developed over the years into one of the most efficient mills for wheat and rye in Germany.

Rettenmeier Mühle

Rettenmeier GmbH Kunstmühle in Horb am Neckar processes regional wheat, rye and spelt for the food industry and for the baking trade. In addition to conventional products, flours and groats are produced according to Bioland guidelines.

Rheintal Mühlen

In Stutensee, near the French border, individual wheat flours in all qualities and types, premixes, special flours and French specialities, such as original French baguette flour, are produced.

Saalemühle + Dresdener Mühle

The two mills Saalemühle + Dresdener Mühle operate with very similar grain concepts in central Germany and the same quality standards among their customers. On this basis, they have been working together in a close cooperative partnership since 2014.
From the raw materials soft wheat, rye, durum (hard wheat), spelt and emmer, they produce application-specific flours and semolina, special flours, thermal and hydrothermal products for the production of all kinds of baked goods, baby food, wet breads, precision biscuits and crackers as well as carriers for special applications.

Vogtland Biomühlen

The products of the biomill brand are the result of a clearly defined safety philosophy. A multi-stage control system from the field to processing and transport ensures the quality of the products right from the start. Vogtland Biomühlen completes our organic range with organic wheat flours and groats, organic rye flours and groats, organic spelt flours and groats and organic durum wholemeal flours.

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Managing Partner
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Sales management
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