Gluten-free baking mixes

In the gluten-free baking mixes product segment, Cornexo works closely with Hammermühle GmbH, which offers an attractive full range of gluten-free and low-protein foods. In addition, a comprehensive range of gluten-free products is produced for large private label customers (discounters and full-range retailers from all over Europe).

All products are available in the following package sizes:

25 kg bag
1 kg + 500 g tubular bag

Universal flour

Ideal gluten-free substitute for wheat flour. The flour mix is used to make sweet and savoury pastries or gluten-free pasta.

Bread baking mix: Multi-grain bread

Gluten-free baking mixes e.g. for wholemeal bread, dark bread, chestnut bread, toast bread.

Pizza mixes

Gluten-free baking mixes for the preparation of a classic Italian or modern American pizza.

Cake mixes

Gluten-free baking mixes e.g. for sand cakes, chocolate cakes, lemon cakes with various icings or sprinkles.

Cookie mixes

Gluten-free baking mixes for the production of classic cookies.

Customised products

Cornexo has a large portfolio of its own recipes for gluten-free baking mixes. The implementation of customer-specific recipes in tubular bags with customer-specific layout is possible.

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