Quality assurance right from the start

In order to ensure that our customers’ requirements for product quality are met at all times, Cornexo influences the selection of seeds even before cultivation. The cultivation itself, the drying and storage of the raw materials up to production and the actual production of maize flour and maize grits are also closely monitored.

Close cooperation with farmers

for seamless raw material management

Intensive cooperation with the farmers of conventional and organic maize enables seamless raw material management. Even the selection of varieties before cultivation has a decisive influence on product quality. During the growth phase, we pay particular attention to:

  • Reducing mycotoxin contamination through contaminant monitoring starting with cultivation instead of after harvesting.
  • Ensuring GMO free production through a certified non-GMO concept from seed to end product
  • Complete traceability of the end products back to the seed

Collection, drying and storage

All raw materials processed at Cornexo are also collected, promptly dried and stored by Cornexo. Optimised drying technology prevents drying cracks and an increase in mycotoxin contamination during storage.

Optimal climate and soil

The maize growing region in south-west Germany, close to Alsace; offers the plants optimal conditions for strong and healthy growth. Rainfall, temperatures and sunshine duration are ideal here.

Tomas Pimer
Operations management
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Wiebke Jacobsen
Quality assurance and product development
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Dr. Hubert Sprich
Cultivation advice
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