Quality assurance from the start

We at Cornexo are involved in selecting seed – even before cultivation – to ensure that product quality requirements of our customers are met at all times; we also closely monitor the cultivation process itself, and raw materials drying and storage up to production along with the actual corn flour and grits manufacturing process.

Ideal climate and soil

The maize-growing region in South-Western Germany near Alsace provides optimum conditions for strong and healthy crop growth with ideal precipitation, temperature and sunshine duration.

Close cooperation with farmers towards seamless raw materials management

Intensive cooperation with conventional and organic maize producers makes seamless raw materials management possible, as even selecting seed varieties before cultivation plays a major role in product quality. During the growth phase, we pay particular attention to:

  • Reducing mycotoxin exposure by pollutant monitoring, starting with cultivation – not waiting until after the harvest
  • Ensuring freedom from GMOs using a certified non-GMO concept from seed to final product
  • Seamless traceability from final product to seed

Harvesting, drying and storage at Cornexo

All raw materials processed at Cornexo are also harvested, dried and stored in a timely manner by Cornexo. Optimised drying technology prevents drying cracks with increases in mycotoxin contamination during storage.




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