Responsibility – our Biodiverity Project

We all take corporate responsibility. Every day. Because we know exactly where, when and for whom or what we are responsible: for the quality of our products, for our employees and farmers, for nature and for the region. This is why we monitor our raw materials and products far more rigorously than required by law. We practice food safety around the clock, not just in our heads, but with every move and in every part of our milling companies.

In 2019, we launched our “flowering areas” pilot project. We plant 100 m² of flowering areas for every 1 ha of maize grown for us. Every year and in addition to the legal requirements (intercropping greening)!

Throughout the Southern Palatinate, Cornexo partner farmers are planting flowering areas to protect biodiversity. Here is an example from Steinfeld with representatives of RWS, Cornexo and farmer Gerhard Paul.

Together with the specialist farmer, our agricultural engineers have defined site-specific conditions and appropriate seeds so that the areas are particularly effective for animals and plants. For example, the flowering areas must be several meters wide and remain in place well beyond the harvest period. The seeds, which are adapted to the region and the respective location, and the costs for cultivating the areas are of course borne by us.

Patrick Bindewald
Managing Partner
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